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What You’ll Find Here

The amount of information on winter and cold weather is a very extensive on our website.  You will find a great deal of depth and instruction here, in addition to the other classes on cold weather and winter that we provide.

This document is broken into sections so it will be easier for you to find what you are looking for.  There are also new items being added periodically as they can be readied for inclusion.


General Background and Overview

One place to begin is with the webcast of the class, (CLICK) Weather Happens:  Clothing 2001w.  Clothing is your personal portable shelter from the extremes of climate and weather.  This includes protection in both very hot and cold environments. 


What Exactly is Winter Without Worries™

Winter Without Worries (WWW) is the premier class series by Jim Phillips, and the title says it all. Jim first authored and taught this class in 1984 under its original name, “Without Fire Or Shelter” (WOFOS).   Jim significantly revised, expanded and updated the WOFOS class in 1999 and renamed it “Winter Without Worries™” (WWW).  Jim continues to regularly teach the WWW class series and take people into the field for the best part of all, which he calls “SnoCollege™”.  Often his co-instructor is his oldest son, James, a third generation Arctic snow camper and instructor.

Although WWW has been (and is) taught live by Jim since 1984, it is being recorded and edited for release on DVD with a class manual/workbook of over 200 pages. The Winter Without Worries class series is all about the PALS approach to living, working and surviving comfortably in the cold.

Just What is PALS?

PALS™ is an acronym for Phillips Arctic Living System.  The Key word is SYSTEM.  When you look at the various components that make up the PALS system, it is important to understand that the overall extraordinary performance comes from the sum of the parts and not any one item on its own.  In short the system consists of the following five items:

• PALS FoamClothing™

• PALS Skills & Practices

• PALS Winter-Living Doctrine

• PALS Understanding of the Cold

• PALS Confidence Based on Experience


For the full depth of understanding, practices and technology of PALS, one should go through the entire course “Winter Without Worries” as taught by Jim Phillips.  The information in that class exists no place else.  Use the links that follow to learn more about PALS™.

(CLICK) The PALS History This 44-minute video quickly covers the key areas and highlights in the development of what is now known as PALS™ and FoamClothing™

(CLICK) A Winter Without Worries Experience  If the performance is going to be extraordinary, then it will work for the inexperienced newcomer in a way that nothing else can.  That’s exactly what you’ll learn about in this 53-minute video.

(CLICK) Compression Tests Comparing Foams  Whether you build your own FoamClothing™ or buy it already made, it is vital that the right materials are used.  The most critical material of all is the foam, and by no means are all foams alike.  This 8-minute video demonstrates just how big of a difference there can be and one of the parameters you need to be looking out for.  We hear people tell us that they are getting foam from someone who says it’s the same foam that Jim Phillips uses, only much cheaper.  It’s probably cheaper alright, but you can be almost certain it’s not the same foam.


What Are ThermalJohns™ (TJs™) & Inner Thermal Liners™ (ITLs™)

The clothing that Jim developed in 1984 using ½” foam has proven to be very valuable for mild cold conditions and most especially for living in homes and shelters that have lost their utilities and heat.  However, it is important to understand that, although this is FoamClothing™, it is most definitely not PALS Clothing. 

For continuous use, the performance range of the TJs or ITLs is intended for temperatures above zero F in sheltered situations.  However, they work exceptionally well in colder temperatures for limited periods of time and/or with exercise.   One exceptional performance advantage is their ability to move moisture better than anything else made.  You can get a feel for some of this performance capability in the video, (CLICK) Thermal Johns Freezer Test, 1999 (complete).


Who Is Jim Phillips

(CLICK) February 1991, ABC Network HOME Show

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(CLICK) Jim Phillips Bio and Background

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