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Date: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 – 8 to 9:40 PM Mountain Time

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Part–2 in The Liquid of Life series builds on the foundation principles presented in Part–1.  Vital topics covered include: 1} the important tasks water performs in the body, 2} beware of dehydration, its cause and effects, 3} beware of the five types of dangerous water contaminants, 4} recognize and beware of the most deadly of these five types of contaminants, 5} the stages and steps that cities to use purify water and how that relates to your emergency water, 6} the four different types of dangerous pathogens, 7} understanding why the Red Cross says what they do to the poorly prepared in order to make contaminated water safe, 8} how to prepare well beyond the Red Cross’s minimums, 9} the five different basic methods of making water safe, 10} the best ways to neutralize the different types of pathogens, 11} the actual stages and steps you will need to employ to make highly contaminated water safe, and 12} beware of misleading or incomplete sales literature & presentations.